Da Crofter's Kep: In Jamieson's Colours


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2021 Shetland Wool Week Hat Kits

Da Crofter's Kep Hat by Wilma Macolmson

Knit the hat in any of the suggested color variations, or come up with your own color scheme. 

Here are a couple of our interpretations of this gorgeous hat using Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift: 

Colour 1 Kit - Yarn A: Eclipse, Yarn B: Neptune, Yarn C: Twilight, Yarn D: Pacific, Yarn E: Blueberry, Yarn F: Mist

Colour 2 Kit - Yarn A: Mirry Dancer, Yarn B: Woodgreen, Yarn C: Sunrise, Yarn D: Paprika, Yarn E: Bottle, Yarn F: Yellow Ochre

Colour 3 Kit - Yarn A: Eesit, Yarn B: Yellow Ochre, Yarn C: Granny Smith, Yarn D: Camel, Yarn E: Natural White, Yarn F: Braken

Colour 4 Kit - Yarn A: Pebble, Yarn B: Lipstick, Yarn C: Purple Heather, Yard D: Madder, Yarn E: Slate, Yarn F: Night Hawk

Colour 5 Kit - Yarn A: Mirry Dancer, Yarn B: Slate, Yarn C: Camel, Yarn D: Coffee, Yarn E: Grouse, Yarn F: Pebble

Remember to share your pictures using hashtags
#dacrofterskep #shetlandwoolweek2021. We can’t wait to see your creations.

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