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The emPower People Knit bandana yarns page.

Any PURPLE DK weight yarn

 knit pattern  (approx. 225 yds / 206 m) US 7/4.5 mm 24” /61 cm knitting needle, circular or straight.

crochet pattern 215 - 225 yards (197 - 206 m) 3.75 mm (F) hook

There is  a knitcrochet pattern here and a sewing pattern and all three are free and available at the emPower People website. Please spread the word!

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Sueno 1151 255yd.
Luma Plum 137yd.
Silky Wool Allium 208yd
Tussah Kissed Orchid 357yd.
Simplicity Spray Power Purple 456 yd.
Simplicity Bubblegum 117yd.
Wonderland Phantom Wise 430yd.
Wonderland Shimmerness 344yd.
Wonderland Insolent Orchid 344yd.
Wonderland Sassy Violet 344yd.
Lavender Loon Lavande 231 yd.
Plymouth Select Wisteria 130yd.
Plymouth Select Lavender 130yd.
Rauma Strikkegarn 196 108m.
Kenzie Lupin 160yd.
Jamieson Bramble 75m.
Jamieson Clover 75m.

Category: acrylic, cotton, dk, merino, nylon, sport/dk, wool, yarn

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