Frabjous Fibers BFL Hand Dyed Top

Frabjous Fibers

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4 oz Heriloom
4 oz Pennyworth
4 oz Sleeping Gryphon

Hand-dyed Blue Faced Leicester - 4 oz braids

About our fibers: We take extra care to create fibers that are a dream to spin, We start with high quality wool top - this one is Leicester Longwool: soft and lustrous. We dye the fibers using a special method that allows the colors to blend and shift, creating a complex colorway. We heat each batch slowly and handle it gently to avoid felting. This leaves a fluffy, soft, easily draftable wool that will spin into a lovely, blended yarn. We think the extra care is worth it!


Category: BFL, felting, roving, spining, weaving, wool

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