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M115 Oatmeal
M01 Sandy Heather
M02 Brown Heather
M07 Sable
M08 Wild Oak
M178 Warm Caramel
M03 Grey Heather
M04 Charcoal Heather
M06 Deep Charcoal
M191 Kiwi
M158 Smokey Sage
M124 Persian Peacock
M181 Prairie Fire
M162 Mulberry
M59 Periwinkle
M156 Aqua Inlet
M194 Blue Suede
M11 White Frost
M10 Creme
M140 Aran
M13 Sun Yellow
M174 Wild Mustard
M22 Autumn Harvest
M14 Sunburst Gold
M175 Bronze Patina
M89 Roasted Coffee
M155 Lemon Drop
M110 Orange You Glad
M197 Red Hot Passion
M79 Blue Boy
M182 Regal Purple
M78 Aztec Turquoise
M120 Limeade
M165 Christmas Green
M180 Ruby Red
M101 Bing Cherry
M145 Spice
M185 Aubergine
M80 Blue Blood Red
M105 RPM Pink
M23 Fuchsia
M157 Orchid Blush
M189 Blooming Fuchsia
M83 Raspberry
M34 Victorian Pink
M100 Supreme Purple
M166 Plum Smoke
M62 Amethyst
M161 Violet Fields
M56 Clematis
M127 Navy Sailor
M82 Blue Flannel
M57 Brite Blue
M160 Dynamite Blue
M149 Hawaiian Teal
M187 Turquoise Depths
M190 Jaded Dreams
M16 Seafoam
M172 Deep Pine
M171 Fresh Moss
M113 Oregano
M169 Woodland Green
M05 Onyx
M240 Prairie Goldenrod
M265 Lime Sorbet
M250 Cranberry Swirl
M270 Royal Purple Flutter
M285 Frosted Periwinkle
M215 Tormented Teal
M255 Rosy Velvet
M235 Wine Splash
M260 Cafe Au Lait
M290 Silver Streaks at Nite
M65 Sapphire
M117 Alaskan Sea
M147 Emerald Green
M139 Arctic Dawn
M123 Wild Wisteria
M77 Blue Magic
M38 Lotus Pink
M85 Antique Mauve
M154 Rooster Red
M173 Wild Violet
M144 Antique Brass
M151 Chocolate Souffle

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85% wool, 15% mohair

Worsted weight

190 yds / 4 oz

Lamb's Pride is our classic blend of 85% wool and 15% mohair--a well-known staple in every knitter or crocheter's stash. This single-ply yarn is available in worsted weight (recommended needle size 8) and BULKY (needle size 10 1/2).

Please note that your monitor may display colors differently than they appear in real life.

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