Easy Weaving with Little Looms 2020

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Bring the natural world to your weaving studio with the 2020 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms. Themed “Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral,” this issue is chock full of projects inspired by the wonders of nature—all woven using rigid-heddle looms, pin looms, or tablet weaving. In these pages, you’ll find scarves and shawls galore, kitchen linens, and even a sweet little bento-style bag. You’ll be amazed by Peg MacMorris’s elegant Sea Slug Silken Splendor Scarf (yes, that’s right—sea slug), Jodi Ybarra’s colorful Tarahumara Corn Towels inspired by a particularly bright species of flint corn, and Greta Holmstrom’s fabulous Mount Wilson Shawl, which pays homage to the striped mountain located in Red Rock Canyon. There are also articles that explore the nature of weaving—Bobbie Irwin writes about iridescence and how one can achieve it on a rigid-heddle loom, while Robin Lynde explores the design possibilities of clasped-warp weaving. You’ll also find tips on using different types of multi-colored yarns, step-by-step illustrations for different hand-manipulation techniques, and tips on wet-finishing everyday and extra-special fabrics.

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