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These blankets are made of Icelandic wool and are therefore extremely durable, lightweight, breathable and warm. The fabric is additionally combed after weaving to make it softer. 

The blankets come in various patterns, color and textures. Sizes are approx 51” x 71” (130 x 180 cm)

The manufacturer: Ístex Ltd. is the main wool manufacturer in Iceland, with over a century of wool tradition behind the products. We bring you wool blankets, with narrative threads that weave together a modern sensibility of style, the artistic inspiration of a dramatic landscape and the unique quality of Icelandic yarn.

The wool: The Icelandic wool has been crucial to the survival of our nation as it provided both warmth and protection throughout centuries of harsh weather. It is also quite unique compared to wool of other sheep breeds. The inner fibres are fine, soft and highly insulating while the outer fibres are long, glossy and water repellent. Therefore products made of Icelandic wool are extremely durable, lightweight and breathable.

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