Owl by Quince & Co

Quince & Co


50% American Wool, 50% Alpaca

Worsted weight

120 yds / 50 g

5 sts / inch on size US 6 [4 mm] needles

4.5 sts / inch on size US 7 [4.5 mm] needles

Squishy, lofty, plump, little Owl is made from a blend of American wool and alpaca. It's spun and dyed in New England and knits up between 4½ to 5 stitches per inch, the perfect weight for just about everything.

Owl Tweet has little nubs of soft wool that pop here and there from the background. We love its tweedy, rustic texture in everything from garter stitch to cables.

Hand dyed yarn can vary from skein to skein and batch to batch. Please keep in mind that the actual color may vary from screen to screen.

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Category: alpaca, wool, worsted, yarn

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