Wonderland: Fade Combo Shawl Kit

Wonderland Yarns


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100% Superwash Merino

Sport weight

Total kit 750 – 774 yards

Mad Hatter sport weight yarn:  One four ounce skein is packaged with 5, 1 oz mini skeins and pattern for the Secret Staircase Shawl.

This kit is designed to showcase our Luminous Colors Collection.  Each color is dyed to fade beautifully into the next.

This simple, top-down triangle shawl gives you hints of color along the way, foreshadowing the colorful fade finale. The pattern is easily memorized and quickly finished. It will leave you wanting to knit another with different colors to see how they interact.

Alternately use this kit for the Autumn’s Return shawl at Knitty.com.  The shawl starts simple, rhythmic, and ends with a grand lace finale. 

Hand dyed yarn can vary from skein to skein and batch to batch. Please keep in mind that the actual color may vary from screen to screen.

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