Jewelspun Aran


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844 Glacier
842 Nordic Noir
843 Setting Sun
847 Midnight Fjords
839 Northern Lights
694 Crystal Quartz
695 Daybreak Delta
707 Golden Feldspar
708 Sanstone Sunset
845 Golden Green
849 Citrine Sunrise
851 Evening Aquamarine
850 Tourmaline Dream
852 Evening Jade
854 Turquoise Sky
848 Glowing Garnet

100% Acrylic

Aran / Heavy Worsted weight

546 yds / 200 g

Jewelspun gives you the handspun look in a practical easy-care, acrylic. With six different shades, you will find a self striping colorway that suits any style in this lightweight aran yarn.

This yarn is a bold choice that works beautifully with simple classic knit or crochet stitches.

Perfect for simple shapes and accessories, this self striping yarn will add a new dimension to any knitted or crochet piece.

Please note that your monitor may display colors differently than they appear in real life.

Category: acrylic, aran, knitting, worsted, yarn