Malabrigo Rasta


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861 Laguna Negra
011 Apple Green
856 Azules
415 Matisse Blue
708 Cucumber
035 Frank Ochre
703 Almond Blossom
599 Fiesta
611 Ravelry Red
172 Camp Fire
075 Garden Gate
016 Glazed Carrot
037 Lettuce
881 Lluvias
077 Belgian Chocolate
707 Melon
860 Oxido
136 Sabiduria
412 Teal Feather
689 Valentia
873 Stitch Red
250 Immortal
197 Boomerang
191 Trompo
198 Candy Cane
185 Molino
199 Yo-Yo
687 Aquamarine
852 Persia
416 Indiecita
249 Talisman
057 English Rose
188 Neptuno
189 Amatista
121 Marte
190 Draco
096 Sunset
168 Costa
169 Xilofono
170 Pensamiento
177 Blueberry Cream
005 Anniversario
884 Boreal
808 Violeta Africana
600 Bahamas
429 Cape Cod Gray
683 Cian
704 Ivory
069 Pearl Ten
193 Jacinto
866 Arco Iris
706 Cosmos
150 Azul Profundo
696 Whole Grain
247 Whales Road
853 Abril
885 Zarzamora
886 Arequita
886 Diana
398 Rosalinda

100% Merino

Super Bulky

90 yds / 150 g

A lightly-fulled single-ply yarn of magnum proportions! Whip out a super-cozy accessory in just hours with this super-sized delight of a yarn. Our premium Uruguayan merino is just as soft as ever. 

We are happy to launch our new colors of Rasta! We created these wonderful colors after considerable research and experimentation. Our new technique, Pintada, amalgamates several of our dyeing methods to arrive to colorful effects. When knitting with Pintada, you will discover an amazing and unique color motif with speckles of bright beautiful shades. Some of these shades are linked to our classic Rasta palette, such as Sunset, Paris Night, Azul Profundo, Frank Ochre, Ravelry Red, Fiesta, so that you can easily combine them for your designs. We hope you enjoy knitting with this new collection as much as we did working on it!

Hand dyed yarn can vary from skein to skein and batch to batch. Please keep in mind that the actual color may vary from screen to screen.

Category: merino, super bulky, wool, yarn