Rigid Heddle Weaving 101

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Rigid Heddle Weaving 101: Scarf 

Saturday, March 2, 10 am-4:00pm with a break for lunch
Saturday, March 23, 10-11 am finishing class

Weaving on a rigid heddle loom is very popular right now and this plain weave scarf is the perfect starting point for new weavers. We will go step-by-step through the fundamentals of making fabric: warp and weft calculations, appropriate yarn choices, direct warping to dress the loom, and weaving with even tension. Our finishing session will cover hemming, taking the project off the loom, and helpful resources to inspire you to continue your weaving journey.

Materials list: Rigid Heddle loom (rent one from Yarn Harbor or, if you are bringing your own loom, be sure it is assembled, has all pieces and accessories, and is in good working condition with a 7.5- or 8-dent heddle); a few yards of smooth scrap yarn/fabric, a tapestry needle, and warp and weft yarn (minimum 150 yards each in worsted weight wool). For the warp yarn, it needs to pass the “pull test”: if the yarn snaps or drifts apart when firmly pulled, then it isn’t suitable for warp.

Loom Rental Fee: $25 (be sure to put loom rental in your cart if needed)   

Instructor: Tracy Griggs

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