BC Garn Soft Silk

BC Garn

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028 Salmon
035 Curry
022 Pastel Green
014 Smokey Blue
033 Light Grey
030 Black
001 Snow White
042 Dark Red
031 Taupe
003 Light Yellow
027 Nato-Grun *Disc
016 Indigo Blue
028 Lachs *Disc

100% Silk


380 YDS / 100 G

Soft Silk is a soft and rustic bourette silk, also known as raw silk. A nice silk that ensures a great result - ideal for baby and children's garments, because of the silk quality: warm in winter and cooling on a hot summer day.

Nature is important to BC Garn, therefore Soft Silk is dyed with AZO free and Oeko-Tex certified dyes, this means that the dye process is gentle to the environment.

Soft Silk is spun and dyed by a small mill in India.

There may be excess dye in some of the colors. We recommend to rinse the yarn in cold water before use; finish with a rinse of water added a little vinegar. Always wash in cold water.

Please note that your monitor may display colors differently than they appear in real life.

Category: fingering, silk, sock, yarn