LYKKE Ball Winder


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Lykke means "make happy" in Swedish. These brand new umbrella swifts from LYKKE Crafts are sure to add some happiness to your making experience! They are made from sustainably-sourced Mango Wood (light color) and Indian Sheesham Rosewood (dark color). They come in plastic-free packaging, with a fabric bag for storage! Suggested yarn capacity is up to 4 oz, or ~113g.

You can watch this video on facebook of the ball winder and swift being set up.


Base Width: 5" (~12.7cm)

Base Length: 13 7/8" (~35.2cm)

Spindle Length: 5" (~12.7cm)

Clamp Height: 3 1/4" (~8.3cm)

Clamp Depth: 1 3/8" (~3.5cm)

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